Written By
Christopher Alan Broadstone
Edited & Curated By
Matthew Sanderson

"With razor-sharp precision, Note-To-Self [short story] explores a world of unhealed
emotional scars and inescapable body horror. Broadstone captures the dislocation
of being a stranger in your own skin, alongside the existential curiosity of commingling
human reality with the dark void of the unknown." –– Jonny Numb, Crash Palace Productions

Notes-To-Self: Accumulated Thoughts, Transferred Into Word
Form is a brand new version of an historical collection of works that comprises Christopher Alan Broadstone's long out-of-print, handmade About 9 Times fan-book titled Beyond Blue Sky, Nothing (July 1988), which included an amalgam of 92 early poems (many of them About 9 Times lyrics), along with two early short stories, Again Once More and The Deformity.

New to this edition are the very early, never before published tales Grandma and the experimental The Dying Man: A Comedy Of Eschatology, along with the unfinished incarnation tale Homo Amphibious Burlesque, which plays prominently in the feature film Human No More (2020). Spearheading this collection is the acclaimed, but rare, demonic serial-killer thriller Note-To-Self, previously featured in the Journals Of Horror: Found Fiction anthology (2014, out-of-print), and now updated with additional material. Also included is the very rare (as yet unproduced) screenplay for the short film Roseblood, based on Broadstone's controversial Christian horror story of the same name, first published in Suicide The Hard Way: And Other Tales From The Innerzone.

An Adapted Short Screenplay

MP3 – Please Enjoy The Temp Music Score Sample – MP3

Bringing this enhanced collection into perspective, and linking Broadstone's earliest stories to his most current, is Human No More producer Matthew Sanderson, who also edited Broadstone's Suicide The Hard Way and A Catch In Time. Sanderson's comprehensive and fascinating essay Truth & Tragedy: God Cakes Won't Help You In Hell completes Notes-To-Self with brand new perspective.

Last but not least, as with the original Beyond Blue Sky, Nothing fan-book, the ending section is comprised of all 92 of C.A. Broadstone's poetry and lyrics, although now updated with an additional 26 entries––including two lost poems, Abattoir and The Bloody Dead, which were recently discovered sandwiched between old printouts of the stories Grandma and The Dying Man.

If you love Christopher Alan Broadstone's philosophical and macabre books and films, as well as his lyrics for the jazz/punk/new-wave band About 9 Times and his grunge band The Judas Engine, you'll want to see where it all began. And where it all has come to.

Note-To-Self (Short Story)
"As our killer embarks on a twisted quest, his journey and mindset are the elements that unnerve us.  Whether in the bosom of a benign tribe of Bedouins, or sojourning through a chaotic Cairo, Mr. Broadstone ensures that we the reader will find no comfort, or reprieve from  horror." –– Christopher Zisi, Zisi Emporium For B-Movies



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