3 Dead Girls (2007)

3 Dead Girls

Plot: 3 DEAD GIRLS! -- the result of spiritual desperation, jealous vengeance, and misanthropic madness -- ignite three tales of horror by acclaimed writer/director Christopher Alan Broadstone. In SCREAM FOR ME one killer becomes the victim of another more brutal and insane than even himself. In MY SKIN! Death flies in to collect the soul of a murdered young woman, but first takes revenge on her killer. And finally, with HUMAN NO MORE, a private detective consumed by an irreconcilable murder case descends into his caustic underworld one last time.

Starring: Tony Simmons, Gabriel Sigal, Lora Cunningham, Lisa Montague, Rick Wildridge

My Review and Thoughts:

This is a mixed bag of three separate stories all woven into one DVD. The first is titled Scream for Me, this one is a truly shocking brutal twisted little masterpiece of depravity and violence.

The acting is stunning and shocking on just how perfect it is. You get a brutal story of murder and sexual torture. Its deep and gets under your skin and makes you want to take a bath.

All three films are a wonderful example of descriptive and powerful incidents unfolding as if the reality is happening in front of you. At the start of the first story it starts out strong and never lets up with suspense and terror reality that comes together as if in harmony.

Awesome vivid film making of a high quality nature. Stunning and Grade A +++ direction and written script. Flawless in the darker nature reality of the hidden world of violence and the macabre.

Favorite of all three films would be hands down Scream For Me, the nature and sexual twisted violence and control and Oscar worthy acting makes this short smack any lover of cinema across the face and say, " That was a stunning piece of filmmaking".

The second is titled My Skin this would be my least favorite of the three but still is a worthy piece of film making and truly original and dark toned atmosphere and subject tends to grow on the viewer after you watch it more then once.

And the third is titled Human No More which is another truly original and dark piece of reality that comes full force for the viewer. The story telling of all three is amazing and the acting is a showcase of amazing images bouncing off page into the mind of the viewer, sending the emotions into an awesome trip of extraordinary fiction, that works as if its unfolding before you.

The story, direction and acting behind Scream For Me is so well crafted and written and acted and filmed you cant help but feel that It is really happening in front of you. All three become thick and very creepy and mysterious. These are realistic tales mixed with the wonderful realms of imagination. I highly recommend seeking this out and watching it, if not for all three at least for the first one which stands out as a memorable piece of cinema.

Buy this DVD, its great entertainment and support independent film making. Also what is amazing about this DVD is you get like hours and hours of special features. This is truly a DVD you can spend all day with. I am so happy Black Cab Productions gave me the opportunity to view these masterfully crafted trilogy of short films. Christopher Alan Broadstone has created for the film loving masses a great artistic, deep dark and twisted horror film orgy that leaves its mark upon the viewer.


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