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Starring: Gabriel Sigal, Tony Simmons and Lora Cunningham
Written/Directed by: Christopher Alan Broadstone

Scream for Me is one the finest horror shorts I have ever seen. It's a twisted sadistic story of a murderous man (Gabriel Sigal) who strangles his sister (Lora Cunningham) because he's mad - obviously - but he doesn't think so... He wants to hear her scream. He thinks her screaming will, somehow, give him a bridge into the afterworld where his other family members already dwell. She is terrified as she departs the world but wont scream. That's the first set back for the nepotistic psycho. The next is even worse... Seems his sister's neighbor, a local serial killer (Tony Simmons), had his own plans for sis and now he's absolutely nuts with his loss. He decides to have a killing anyway and the brother is now on the other end of a madman's dementia. This is a terrifying short. Actor Tony Simmons is perhaps one of the most frightening - and oddly realistic - lunatics on film. His performance is truly unparalleled. And writer/director Broadstone sets his story with the right amount of fear endorphins inducing dialog and situation commingled with dusty lighting that the piece burrows under the skin. He gets his actors to really let loose. Broadstone has one helluva career ahead of him! He already doesn't shy away from making his audience uncomfortable. Somebody give this man a budget because he may be our next horror master.

Scream for Me is just that good. Horror films come in several forms; Those that make you giggle as the boobies and broads are chased by a never-could-be-nondying-demon, or twisting mental thrillers that are more Noir mysteries then horror, or true-blue monsters of course (like Dracula, the Werewolf etc.). Then there are these Scream For Me all-to-close-to-a-warped-reality horrors that scare the ever living humor right out of you. Shudder.

The dvd also includes the short MY SKIN. In fact that's the title short for the work. My My Skin has another wonderfully unique storyline which, again, was written and directed by this emerging talent Broadstone. There's no doubt Broadstone has a great future in horror. In My Skin he's produced another snapshot of fear...The camera work and editing is a pinch more film school style for me. But even so, through the sometimes all-too-expected shots, his talent for telling a tale and casting (again this excellent Tony Simmons fellow - completely morphed from Scream for Me is the lead) has convinced me Broadstone's one to watch for and seek out all future offerings.

Snack recommendation: Chamomile tea you can sip as you recheck you've locked all your doors & windows!

Review by: Emily Blunt