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The Underground has sure had a hell of a lot to offer when it comes to talent in the last few years.  With his two short films, My Skin! (2nd place winner for best short film at Shriek Fest 2003) and the other film being, Scream For Me (Winner, best short film at the N.Y.C horror film festival 2003), It is sure fire that this directors films are guaranteed to show you a good, brutal and psychological time.  Presented by Black Cab Productions, written and directed by Christopher Alan Broadstoane:


My Skin!

      When Death is cheated, he seeks his revenge!  Along with his checklist of souls to collect, he finds that the one he has come to claim is that of a woman, who still had plenty of life to live.


     George has killed his wife, Cathy, before her time had come.  Death is not pleased with this, one bit.  There is always somebody fucking up his rotation!  George happens to be the un-lucky man to get on deaths nerves.


     After replacing all the evidence at the scene of the crime, the reaper decides to call George at his hotel, as he is away on a business trip.  In the duration of this taunting call, George finds out that he is no longer free and clear of his brutal crime and that he will indeed pay, for fucking with the soul collector.


     We donít get to see the arrival of the police, as Death has made a 911 call.  Now George is really fucked!  We also donít get to see George (with the exception of a photo on the desk), just his voice and the utter fear, worry and anger spewing from his vocal chords, through the telephone. 



     For the writing and directing, I give a 10.  Written and directed by Chris Broadstone, My Skin! was a 13 minute masterpiece.  His depiction of death and the act of cheating it/him is a new and fresh look at the subject and something that will definitely keep the mind alive with thought and curiosity.


     For the cinematography I give a 9.  Being an independent short film, it is not as easy as we would think, to film with such brilliance.  I found the visuals of the film to be absolutely astounding, though shot in digital (we all know I am not much of a clean film fan), it still kept my eyes focused on each detail, shown throughout the film.


     For the acting I give an 8.  We must remember that this is a low budget, independent short film, so you canít exactly expect acting skills up there with the likes of Robert De Niro, yet for what we are viewing and the actor chosen to play Death, Tony Simmons, was fantastic.  In other projects Mr. Simmons can really go far, his abilities shine in the films he has done for Chris Broadstone, thus far.  My best to him in his future ventures.  The voice of George, vocalized by Cole Adam Buissom, was quite believable.  You, the viewer, can hear the nervousness and fear in his tone, which I found to be great.  In a role with no physical presence, it is not easy to get the effect that was so, convincible given; he pulled it off with absolute excellence.  


     For FX, I give an 8.  For having nearly no bloodÖ and the violence only shown in extremely brief flashbacks, it was convincing and disturbing enough to keep me glued to the screen.


     All in all, My Skin! gets my rating of a 9.  Disturbing and vengeful are a few of my favorite words and My Skin! delivers, 10 fold.  From disturbing imagery, to the angst and despair presented in this film, it was completely mind bending and a pleasure to view.

ďAn eye for an eye makes the whole world blind!Ē



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