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Once again Christopher Allen Broadstone has put together a short masterpiece that is sure to fuck with your mind as well as your nervous system, a film that will drive you mad with curiosity and make you cower in pain;


Scream For Me


            Do you know pain?  Do you know humiliation?  Do you now what is beyond life, what death has in store?  This film will hit the nerve, and make these curiosities come at you in full blaze!


            With (as it seems) intentions on killing a girl, a young man sits above her… strangling her, then before she goes he lets his hands for her to breathe.  The reason for this torture is the screams… all he wants are the screams.


            In longing to know what is beyond death, he feels the screams of his victims… his “angels” will help him understand.  Perhaps bring closure, to the death of his family.  During his torture of the young woman, he fucks up, he goes a bit too far… this is not what he was trying for, at least not until he got his scream.


            At this point in the film the twist gets more twisted.  While sobbing over the body of the girl he just murdered a biker type psycho fuck busts into the room, a purely sick motherfucker, as if the murderer we just watched wasn’t fucked up enough here comes one to top him.  This man (Tony Simmons) seems to have two intentions, although not sure if murder was intended but rape is a definite.


Much to the biker mans dismay he finds another man in the room and the girl he came for dead, this does not please him, but he intends on getting what he came for regardless.  The murderer of the girl is about to become the object of sexual frustrations and vengeance.


            He indeed makes “a fine bitch” of the boy.  Duct taping the man parts that are unneeded, and placing a wig on him, the sick frustrated fuck fest now takes place.


            What happens from this point, which are like the last 2 or 3 minutes of the film are quite rough to bare, though extremely enjoyable.  Brutality and utter humility ends this film… full force!


            In his own screams he finds the answers he had been searching all this time for, even after the screams he brought out of many women, it is his own that gives him his answer, but is it the answer he has been longing for all this time?




            For writing and direction, once again Chris gets a 10.  The shear terror felt in this film is the work of a brilliant director.  Of course the help of great acting definitely does not hurt and damn sure had to make it easier to work this written masterpiece to celluloid.


            Now having mentioned acting, in this area I give a 9.  Once again Tony Simmons tears shit up (literally).  Along with his 2 co-stars, he breaks the mold of a true sick fucking bastard and brings it to a whole new level of intensity.  Just when you think Gabriel Sigal’s character is schizo enough, here comes Tony!  Gabriel’s acting in the film was also absolutely brilliant, believable and sick!  Lora Cunningham, though never speaking (nor screaming ha-ha) dies very well and plays dead with excellence.  I never thought I would rate how well a person played dead, but, well, there it is.


            The cinematography gets a 9.  like his other films, being short and independently done, the attention to detail and the movements of the camera give this film, like his others, more dementia and mental discomfort and curiosity, than you already feel.  After watching My Skin! I was absolutely blown away by his attention to detail in this film (once again) did not let me down, one bit.  From a genius mind, comes brilliant art.


            For FX I give an 8.  Being actually none at all, just the right lighting and camera movements (angles and such), it didn’t need gore; just the feel and intensity alone give it all that is needed for a good rating.


            Overall Scream for Me gets my rating of a 9.  Bravo to you Chris, once again!  Spine tingling and psychologically disturbing is the best way to describe this film.  I absolutely can’t wait to review his latest film, also, in its own right, a masterpiece, entitled, Human No More.  Be on the look out gore hounds!


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