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Title: My Skin!
Director: Christopher Alan Broadstone
Country: United States
Rating: 7.5
Reviewer: C Dempsey

Over the years there have been many takes in both films and books on the topic of cheating death.  The idea may seem to have beaten to death, brought back to life and beat to death again…but I say don’t give up on the idea until you have seen Christopher Alan Broadstone’s “My Skin!”.

Have you ever thought about the effects on Mr. Death when someone cheats his master plan?  I haven’t either, but Mr. Broadstone has and he has brought it to life. The film breathes of originality and life that is rarely captured in such a short running time.  Not only does the film do this through its great visualization, but more importantly through a great story.  It’s very obvious that while a film maker, Broadstone is a true story teller.

“My Skin!” made me feel like I was reading a terrifying short story before bed.  “My Skin!” reminded me of an evolved version of the original Twilight Zone’s. 

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