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Title: Scream For Me
Director: Cristopher Alan Broadstone
Country: United States
Rating: 8.5
Reviewer: C Dempsey

Is it possible for a film to go 0 to 60 psychotic in a tenth of a second?  You bet it is.  Is it possible for that intensity to continuously climb to a point of extreme psychosis when the credits roll?  It sure is and it has been done.

”Scream For Me” was the second short film by Christopher Alan Broadstone I watched. The film followed “My Skin!” and to be honest, I was thoroughly impressed with “My Skin!” so I was expected something more in the same type of supernatural genre….boy was I wrong.  “Scream For Me” shows that Broadstone has a head full of ideas, a head full of fresh ideas.  Right out of the gate the insanity starts when we find a man choking the life out of his victim while reliving his troubled childhood.  These lines are quite disturbing, but enjoyable in that creepy way.  But wait that’s nothing! The creep factor is going to be turned up, and up and up.

Eventually the last breathe leaves the body and then the killer meets another killer. The fun disgust of torture starts now.  It’s the traditional fable of there’s always someone out there worse than you are, no matter how bad you think you are.  The first killer in this story finds out the hard way, the really hard way.  I don’t want to ruin the surprises this gem has in store for the viewer, but I want to get across how intense this short film is.  For any intensity junky who likes grindhouse or exploitation movies, you have to pick this up.  The dialogue is there, the psycho-billy redneck, is there, the shots are there, the violence (of course) is there,  the music is there…everything that makes for a great horror film is here.  I say give this man a budget and let’s find out what he can do!

This film is part of a short film collection DVD.  Do yourself a favor and check it out over at Black Cab Productions.