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Short Film Review-
Review by Christian Moger

MY SKIN, directed by Christopher Alan Broadstone, tells the story of how Death –– played by Tony Simmons, who does an amazing job in this film and definitely deserves more exposure –– seeks revenge on a man who has murdered his wife before her time and upset the balance in Death's "book of death". I won't go into any more detail than this, as to make sure that I don't ruin it for you, because you must see this film. Broadstone has managed to create a fresh new take on the horror genre in “My Skin”. His use of flash-cutting, spiraling camera shots, canted angles, and mix of both color and black and white photography has allowed him to create a terrifying style that is definitely his own, and which leaves you feeling uncomfortable as you watch the film. His use of minimal and unconventional lightning also helps add to the atmosphere, as it seems to draw us into the film’s dark morbid world.

I feel the need to once again mention Tony Simmons because I felt that he gave a great performance. His "Nosferatu-like" appearance alone was enough to send chills down my spine, but it was his ability to become the character that really impressed me. Everything from his voice to the way he held a pen made me believe that he was in fact Death. So many horror films today feature such lousy acting that it was very refreshing to see an actor do it right and show that there can be more to a role in this genre then running and screaming.

Overall Broadstone has created a truly horrifying film that does not hold back for a minute and is better for it. He has returned to the true essence of the horror film here, and has been able to capture this in his incredible style and prove that there still is much ground to cover with the horror genre. Broadstone has undoubtedly created something new and frightening with “My Skin” and has proven himself an emerging new talent worth noting. Final Score: 5 out of 5 stars.
Review by Christian Moger

SCREAM FOR ME, the second film I’ve seen from director Christopher Broadstone, is just as, if not more impressive than My Skin. This film begins with Garrott Druck, a deranged serial killer, attempting to kill his latest victim in her apartment and make her “scream for him”. He believes that by killing her he will have some sort of power over death when his time comes; the film explains all this to you so I won’t ruin it. If this did not seem morbid enough, a man known simply as “Madman” stops by the apartment and teaches Druck the real meaning of pain and fear. I don’t want to go any further into the plot because this is a film you really need to see for yourself to truly understand.

Broadstone once again shows off his amazing use of small spaces and minimal sets; the whole film takes place in a room, to create a horrifying, claustrophobic world that is truly frightening. This film also makes the same amazing use of editing, lighting, and camera work as that seen in My Skin. In fact, I think that this film is even more impressive than My Skin from a technical standpoint, because Broadstone seems to have brought even more to the process. What I’m referring to is the film’s great use of filters and gels, which were not seen in My Skin. By combining these with his previous technical elements, he had managed to raise his style to a new aesthetic level that really makes this film standout.

However, it is not only Broadstone that needs to be congratulated for these efforts. I think that special mention needs to go to cinematographer Stewart M. Eastham for the amazing visuals, Ugly Mustard for a great soundtrack and, of course, to the great cast in this film, especially my new favorite horror film actor Tony Simmons, who gives another great performance.

The only real problem that I can say about this film is that I felt genuinely disturbed and uncomfortable at times. I found some parts just put me in too much of an uncomfortable position, but this could very well be a good thing. I think the main reason for this is that I have become so used to mainstream films, that something that really pushes the boundaries gets to me. Anyway, besides this one problem, which is really more a personal reaction than a critique, I think that this film was great. All the people involved in Scream For Me have shown some amazing potential, and I for one can’t wait to see more. Overall rating: 5 out of 5.

Review by Christian Moger