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SCREAM FOR ME (22 min)
Written and Directed by Christopher Alan Broadstone
The Hacker's Source Magazine (Issue #15)
Review by Eve Blaack

The first time I viewed this film I was working late and needed a break, so Starrla (our graphic artist) and I went through all the latest films we had been sent for review, and this title screamed at us. We popped it in, relaxing on the office floor hoping we had made a decent choice. We sat in awed and shocked silence throughout the entire 22 minutes. At the end we turned, looked at each other, and both said in unison: "Wow, that was fucked up." Then we watched it again. Later I discovered it had been accepted into the NYC Horror Film Festival and I was ecstatic and grateful I not only would be judging this film but viewing it on the big screen with audience reaction. And as I expected, people walked out while others sat in shocked and stunned silence as we had done.

Garrott Druck (Gabriel Sigal) is a serial killer. He murders women -- choking and beating them -- hoping to discover the truth of the afterlife within their screams. While he takes their lives, cutting their breath with his hands, he rants about those who have left him, demanding his victims scream for him so he can understand. Sigal's intense performance while murdering Irene (Lora Cunningham) is only the beginning of this story. Shocked that he kills her before he can hear her screams, Garrott is caught off guard and beaten by her neighbor Madman (Tony Simmons) who is out of control because, you see, Irene was his. Madman is a sexual serial killer and Irene was next on his list, but now she is dead. And as Madman says, "I come here for some fuckin', and I'll be damned sure gittin' some."
Tied, gagged, helpless and lying next to the body of poor Irene (her untimely death a blessing), Garrot is at the hands of a psycho worse then himself and he knows it. Simmons' graphic and chilling performance draws us into a world we could never fathom or understand. You watch praying he won't do next what you are thinking. Instead he does worse, and Garrott finally finds what he is seeking through his own screams. The wonderful cast is backed-up with some of the best cinematography (Stewart M. Eastham) I have seen, and works well with the soundtrack (courtesy of Ugly Mustard) to enhance the whole experience for the viewer. Filmed in a small dark room, with green and red lighting filtered in, rapid camera work, kickass writing and directing and top-notch acting combine to make this one of the most disturbing films of today's Independent market.
When Director Christopher Broadstone accepted his award, he thanked the festival for having the balls to show it and the judges for having the balls to vote for it. I thank Broadstone for having the balls to make it -- and as I told him, I expect a full feature in the future that blows this little short away. Broadstone, I am a fan and you better not let me down!

Now for those of you who have the balls to want to view this gem I have great news. You can order it from for only $14.99. The DVD also features another genius short by Broadstone titled MY SKIN which is also sick and twisted. Extras include trailers of both films, Photo Galleries and a behind the scenes look.


Directed by Christopher Alan Broadstone

Hacker’s Source Magazine (Issue 18)
Review by Eve Blaack

“Life is nothing but a killing machine and an engine of suffering...“

Detective Nemo has lost everything. After a killer murders his family, he loses his chance for revenge and is at a loss to understand humanity and God. Feeling beyond hope he sits in his basement among the evidence speaking into a home video camera as you hear the demon waiting for his soul. With Broadstone’s films nothing ever happens like you expect and this is no exception.
This is my 3rd short of Broadstone’s and I am a huge fan. Hell I was one after the first. I think what makes me such a groupie of his films is his distinct style and way of telling a story. He also likes to brain fuck you. What I love most about HNM is the script. It is filled with intense dialog that takes your complete attention and concentration. After at least 8 viewings, I finally closed my eyes and did nothing but listen with my headphones on. It's just so intense that you have to break it down, because Broadstone's films not only assault you with visuals but also with visceral and psychological writing, sound, and performance. His films are all about piquing the eyes, ears, brains, and guts of the viewer.

Once again Broadstone uses Tony Simmons as the lead actor and I have come to appreciate his range. I fail to understand why we do not see more of this extremely talented and versatile man. Maybe Broadstone and Simmons will make each other famous. All I know is I would love to see them team up for a full feature.