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Human No More

 Film Title: Human No More Year Released: 2004 (Advanced Screener)
Reviewed By: Horror Bob
Movie Website: Click Here
Overall Stars: ***1/2 Scare Factor: **1/2


     "Human No More" another film by Christopher Allan Broadstone is a bit darker than his other short films. The film is shown though the eyes of a demon as he watches one of the stronger souls on earth choice his density after losing his family. The film kind of reminded me of a mix between "The Exorcist" and "Fallen".  However it's more on the lines of being a great film like "The Exorcist" than it is to "Fallen".


      The film is another short film by Chris, and it's done with a great artistic form, and great writing. It only has one actor in the whole film and it has a message about good and evil and choosing one or the other. It deals with faith in a fucked up world. I'm a big fan of mythology and religion so I knew where Chris was coming from with trying to get his message across. the ending says it all and I think that what made the film for me.


     There is not much in the way of effects, except maybe for the eyes of the entity your watching though. Although we do have a little blood and a heart that look real. So the effects are believable.  As far as acting goes, we yet again are graced with the great acting of Tony Simmons.


     Overall another great film from Christopher Allan Broadstone, now will someone give him a big budget to make a feature film with.


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- Horror Bob


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