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Scream For Me

 Film Title: Scream For Me Year Released: 2000
Reviewed By: Horror Bob
Movie Website: Click Here
Overall Stars: **** Scare Factor: ****


     "Scream for Me" is one messed up film, done with great style. Another well rounded great thriller from indie film director Christopher Allan Broadstone. I don't know where to begin, "Scream for Me" is disturbing, and it's one of those films that will make you very uneasy.


     It is a short film only about 22 mins. long. It starts off with a kid choking a beautiful girl to death, and then reviving her. However when he finally kills her and is about to do what it is he was going to do to her body, another man appears in the room and begins to beat the shit out of the young killer. What we don't know is that our young killer has just come face to face with one of the most fucked up serial killers out there. Well rather than give the rest of the story away, the film takes a turning point for the worst for our young killer and what happens is something so disturbing that you don't know if you should feel bad for him or not. But you won't be able to take your eyes off the screen, I'll guarantee that one.


    The script and story are just straight up no holds bars, it's not sugarcoated. Director Christopher Allan Broadstone really hits you hard with the story and the horror that takes place.  in terms of directing it's yet again another flawless film from Christopher Allan Broadstone, Everything from the mood, to set design, nothing but great story telling.


     The Acting, hell Tony Simmons gives one hell of a performance as "The Madman" He is one scary son of a bitch. The guy can  play any part thrown at him. Can someone just hand this man an Oscar already.  The other actors were great as well, How a girl can just lay there and not blink her eyes and stay lifeless for each shot, while a naked guy is running around her is beyond me. And Gabriel Sigal, hats off to you man, only great actors will let shit like that happen to them.


     Overall, "Scream for Me' is a film that takes serial killer thrillers to a whole new level. It's is psychologically scary. it will mess with your mind and take you for one hell of a rollercoaster ride. Everyone do yourselves a favor and visit the Black Cab Productions website (Link Above) and buy the DVD.


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- Horror Bob

Note: "Scream for Me" won best short film at The New York City Horror Film Festival in 2003.

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