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Review: "My Skin"
By John Oak Dalton
Apr 8, 2005, 07:35

Running Time:  Approximately 15 minutes

Writer/Director:  Christopher Alan Broadstone

Featuring Tony Simmons

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A young woman has been murdered in a crime of passion, and Death stops by to take the victim into the afterlife; but, upon arrival, Death finds out that the woman was taken too soon, and now his ledger is out of balance.  Infuriated by the paperwork, Death methodically begins to unravel the seemingly perfect crime and plant clues—from dredging the murder weapon out of a lake to writing a confession in the murderer’s own handwriting—to set the books right once more.


Genuinely original and offbeat, Christopher Alan Broadstone’s short My Skin is anchored with a memorable performance by Tony Simmons in what amounts to be a single, corrosive monologue on one set.  Simmons’ lurching, simmering Death, all gravelly-voiced and scrabbling tics, imbues the short with crackling energy.


High-end production values and a chilling score suffuse the short with dread, and Broadstone’s great shooting, editing, and post-production elements really make this short a cut above.  Set design and costuming especially are at Hollywood levels, while retaining indie street cred in dialogue and plotting; an admirable balancing act.  My Skin has made the rounds on the festival circuit, deservedly so, and is worth seeking out.


Four stars

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