My Skin (2002)

          Summary: A man just thought he got away with the perfect murder. That is, until Death has come in to collect her soul. Vengeance is a dish best served cold, and his phone call to the murderer is definitely a “cold call.”

          Overall: One of Christopher Alan Broadstone short films, I found this to be a wonderful little piece of work. The actor who played “Death” was just brilliant. He had the look, the abilities, and definitely the lines to pull off sheer perfection. Just creepy enough, this short film definitely moves smoothly and concisely. What we have is Death not being happy he’s gotta move his timelines up for people visiting him. And trust me, if anything comes across in this film, is “Death” being quite ready to punish those who mess with him. Bottom line, great film. Professionally made. Awesome job of acting. Just brilliant.

          Comparison: Final Destination meets The Watcher


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