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Review by Jean-Michel Montanary

Written and Directed by Christopher Alan Broadstone.
Directed by Christopher Alan Broadstone
Written by Christopher Alan Broadstone
With Tony Simmons, Lisa Montague, Rick Wildridge Gabriel Sigal, Lora Cunninghan

Year : 2003

Length : 33 min

Sound : English


"My Skin"
With Tony Simmons, Lisa Montague & Rick Wildridge

Death flies in to collect the soul of a murdered young woman, but first takes revenge on her killer....
After replacing all of the incriminating evidence - the bullets, the smoking gun, even the murderer's fingerprints - Death takes a moment to place a very special phone call. Here the supernatural vengeance truly begins...

"Scream For Me"
With Gabriel Sigal, Lora Cunninghan & Tony Simmons

In this psuchological horror-thriller, in which one killer becomes the victims of another, Garrot Druck seeks the truth of what lies beyond death within the screams of the women he murders.
Tonight, however, he will fall fate to a killer more insane than himself, and come face to face with the horrible truth that hides within the screams of his own violent death.


These two short films united on the same DVD are simply staggering! In spite of small budgets, Christopher Alan Broadstone succeeds in making the viewer shivering and even creating a real discomfort in a thirty minute time space.
Let's also add that the direction reveals itself particularly neat, just like the soundtrack as well remarquable.

"My Skin"
The first movie of his DVD was rewarded the best horror short movie prize at A.K.A Shriekfest, as well as the Best of the best prize at the Film College in 2003!
More accessible than "Scream For Me", "My Skin", with a total length of 12 minutes, is almost entirely based on a dialog between Death and the killer who foiled its plans by killing a young woman sooner than what was planned. Death then decides to avenge itself by denouncing the murderer to the police, but above all by phoning him a call that will change the course of his life...

"Scream For Me"
Rewarded by the best short film prize at the New York City Horror Film Festival in 2003, "Scream For Me" puts a high level! In 20 minutes, the director succeeds in giving an ultra disturbing and unhealthy dimension to his movie, driving the viewer in a second state. "Scream For Me" is a very violent movie, not because of its gore effects but more because of the psychological aspect of its script which is very well tied up, thanks to a disconcerting realism. Let's say that this short movie is like a slap in the face!

.: THE DVD :.

Apart from these two excellent movies on this DVD, you'll find some bonus to come along with them :

"My Skin"
- "In The Moonlight" Photo Gallery
- Trailer

"Scream For Me"
- A Tragic Comedy Of Errors - Behind the Scenes look at the film
- "World Scream" Photo Gallery
- Trailer

All that for only $15, why would you hesitate ?!

Oh My Gore ! 's Note : 8.5 on 10

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