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Unspeakable Magazine
Review by Spellcaster of Fear
Written & Directed by Christopher Alan Broadstone
Starring Gabriel Sigal, Lora Cunninghan and Tony Simmons

Every so often a movie will come along that will just knock down all the boundaries and say to hell with conservativeness, and really give you the creeps. IMO that is just what SCREAM FOR ME has done. SCREAM FOR ME pounding in at a measly 22 minutes is a psychological horror-thriller, in which one killer becomes the victim of another. Not your typical slasher flick. This one has teeth and uses them. Written & Directed by Christopher Alan Broadstone , SCREM FOR ME is a predecessor for the type of movies we haven't seen since the Hellraiser series; where the writers, producers, directors, whoever was involved weren't afraid to cross a few boundaries here and there; and just show a truly disturbing movie. Garrott Druck seeks the truth of what lies beyond death within the screams of the women he murders. While beating the crap out of this one young woman in question, he repeatedly chokes her, and then complains when she almost dies, much screwed up. You see she's not supposed to die until she screams for him, that way he can have the answers he desperately needs by hearing the women's screams. Tonight, however, he will fall fate to a killer more insane than himself, and come face to face with the horrible truth that hides within the screams of his own violent death. SCREAM FOR ME is truly a disturbing film that I truly believe you must just see for yourself to fully understand my ranting and ravings. Not since Prince of Tides or Deliverance have I been so terrified while watching a movie. I watched in amazement and at numerous times found myself saying "O God please don’t do what I think you're going to do" Well they did and much worse. As previously mentioned it only clocks in at 22 minutes, but it will be some of the most intense and terrifying 22 minutes you'll ever experience, guaranteed!!

and the late great Ugly Mus-tard (which I can thankfully say I had to honor to see before disbandment). The acting of Gabriel Sigal and Tony Simmons was so meticulously done, one would never believe the story wasn’t truly happening. I’ve been waiting for many years for filmmakers to get back to the true roots of horror films. I mean let’s look at the term horror for a bit. Isn’t horror supposed to be something that truly terrifies you? For the most part the majority of the ‘horror ‘ films put in front of us in years past have been good, but none can I say truly scared me or made me think long after viewing. The production values IMO lean towards the techniques of our counterparts of the Far East where the movie doesn’t rely on special effects, instead just a straight up mind fuck. If I had to sum up SCREAM FOR ME in one sentence I believe it would be best described as “Welcome to hell!!”

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