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Thursday, March 13, 2003. By


Written and Directed by Christopher Alan Broadstone.

MY SKIN!(2002)
When Cindy (Lisa Montague) is murdered before her time, Death (Tony Simmons) is pissed. He has had to cross-out an entry in his ledger and spoil it's neat orderliness. He decides to exact his revenge on her murderer and spoil the killer’s carefully laid plans. I first heard of this film through the CULT CUTS website, short film reviews. Not only is this a fresh new horror film, it is also indicative of a definite emerging talent. It is well shot and very well presented with a good quality title sequence and sound design. The film opens as Death surveys Cindy's battered corpse. He begins to recreate the crime, sniffing the various elements to figure out the how’s and why's. After balancing the books he begins to undo the evidence leading the police away from the true killer, rewriting a poem with incriminating handwriting, reloading the murder weapon (with the bullets the killer had supposedly disposed of) and covering it in his fingerprints. This is one immortal you do not want to piss off, especially as he has the power over life and death. Set in one location with a minimal cast –– and apart from the murder sequence –– it is a taut simple one-man performance. It is a thought provoking and very atmospheric 13 minutes. The theme song, "In the Moonlight", for the end credit sequence is perfect, especially when playing over the Still Photography gallery –– a very haunting, twenties sounding piece.

Garrott (Gabriel Sigal) ends a young woman's life (Irene - Lora Cunningham) too soon, trying to get her to scream like his parents did at the hands of a murderer when he was a young child. He has more than a crime scene to cover up when her insanely jealous neighbor bursts in, wanting sex. This is the darker piece of the two and it is a grueling 22-minute piece of shock cinema that will have you on the edge of your seat. The film opens as Garrott chokes Irene to death, begging her to scream for him, the noise at first covered by the sound of the TV. When she doesn't comply, weakened by his attack, he accidentally kills her with his maniacal desperation. After complaining about the noise, her neighbor, Madman (Tony Simmons), a redneck muscle bound raping machine, bursts in and decides to teach Garrott a lesson, as he 'came for some fucking' and he'll be damned if he leaves without any. After a good wakeup call from a steel toecap and crowbar, Garrott is tied to a radiator, his clothes cut from his body, dressed in a wig and makeup, before Madman shows him a special brand of lovin'. It is a fitting but horrific revenge for a tortured soul and it will stay burned into your retina after watching this film. The Director manages to evoke more violence than is actually happening with clever camera placement and excellent sound design. The film could have gone further in exploitative hands, but it is enough as it is. Both films are original and clearly show the need for some serious investors to go knocking on CAB Productions door, to finance a feature film. You will definitely be hearing from these guys again. Even though these are short films, the DVD is very well packaged and excellent value. Go on, help them recoup their costs and finance their next project!

My Skin
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Scream for Me
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