"Scream For Me"––"My Skin!"––"Human No More"
Now Interpolated Into
The Feature Film

“Christopher Alan Broadstone’s short films are a dark, surreal exploration into the human psyche, evoking as much horror and fear in the viewer as contemplative thought. There’s a message to be learned in MY SKIN!, HUMAN NO MORE, and SCREAM FOR ME, as well as in their sheer brilliance of artistic form and writing. Hip, thought provoking, and downright spooky, Christopher Alan Broadstone is what I can confidently describe as the Pink Floyd of filmmaking.”

Original Pressing DVD

Over 4 Hours of Bonus Features!
–– 11 Commentaries ––
Including Critics' Commentaries for each film,
with Eve Blaack(Publisher Hacker's Source Magazine)
Exec. Producer Christopher Webster
(Hellraiser, Hellbound:Hellraiser II, Heathers, Severed Ties)
Behind-The-Scenes Photo Galleries, Trailers, Interviews, and
7 New Behind-The-Scenes Featurettes!


"Devilish discovery...check out the horror world of Christopher Alan Broadstone if you get a chance - I just watched three of his shorts last night ('My Skin', 'Scream For Me', and 'Human No More'). Holy shit! This guy is amazing! His work is creepy as fuck and he does an incredible job reflecting the lunatic mind! Sick and twisted and so creative when it comes to camera and sound––
it's slick with substance––not slick for slick's sake. Hollywood could take a big old
lesson from him. To sweeten things his oftentimes leading man Tony Simmons is incredible––
Freddy Kreugermeets Getz via Speck. I had nightmares and I'm jaded as hell.
Go to for more about these
amazing films and wonderful talents."
–– Owen Keehnen/


Rivers Of Grue

3 Dead Girls! - Review by Richard Charles Stevens
3 Dead Girls! - Review by Eric Campos

Zisi's Emporium For B-Movies
3 Dead Girls! - Review by Christopher Zisi

Texas's Frisco Kid
3 Dead Girls! - Review by Frisco Kid

A Bucket Of Corn
3 Dead Girls! - Review by Abraham Philips

DVD Infatuation (Blog)
3 Dead Girls! - Review by Dave Becker

Scare Me, I Dare You (Blog)
3 Dead Girls! - Review by Keri Neal

Soilded Sinema
3 Dead Girls! - Review by Maq
3 Dead Girls! - Review by Brian Harris
3 Dead Girls! - Review by Josh Pasnak
3 Dead Girls! - Review by Mario Dominick
3 Dead Girls! - Review by Anthony Thurber
3 Dead Girls! - Review by Horror Bob
3 Dead Girls! - Review by Katanasting
3 Dead Girls! - Review by Rick Danford
3 Dead Girls! - Review by Peter Hall
3 Dead Girls! - Review by Jude Felton
3 Dead Girls! - Review by Michael Den Boer
3 Dead Girls! - Review by HorrorSource

Original Pressing DVD
"Click" On Image Above For
MS - Reviews by Eric Campos

Lair Of Filth
SFM - Reviews by Jude Felton

MS - Reviews by Carl Schroeder
SFM/MS/HNM - Reviews by Jon Condit

Lair Of Filth
MS - Reviews by Jude Felton

Lair Of Filth
HNM - Reviews by Jude Felton
SFM/MS/HNM - Reviews by Matthew Dean Hill
SFM/MS/HNM - Reviews by Travis J. Hill
SFM/MS/HNM - Reviews by Scott A. Johnson
SFM/MS/HNM - Review by Brian Harris
SFM/MS/HNM - Reviews by Nathan Shumate
SFM - Review by Fuctup
MS - Review by Fuctup
SFM/MS/HNM - Reviews by Chris Mayo
SFM/MS - Reviews by Alan Simpson
SFM/MS - Reviews by Eric Bradner
HNM - Review by Matthew Sanderson
SFM/MS - Reviews by Mr.Disgusting
SFM/MS/HNM - Reviews by Steve Genier
SFM - Reviews by Clay Dempsey
MS - Reviews by Clay Dempsey
SFM/MS/HNM - Review by Peter Hall
SFM - Reviews by Rich Wolf
MS - Reviews by Rich Wolf
HNM - Reviews by Rich Wolf

SFM/MS - Review by Andrew
SFM/MS/HNM - Review by Neon Maniac

The Hacker's Source
SFM/HNM - Review by Eve Blaak
SFM - Review by Allen Richards
SFM - Review by Horror Bob
MS - Review by Horror Bob
HNM - Review by Horror Bob
SFM - Review by John Oak Dalton
MS - Review by John Oak Dalton
SFM/MS/HNM - Review by John Oak Dalton
SFM/MS - Reviews by Dark Angel
SFM/MS - Reviews by Jean-Michel Montanary

Screaming Stoner Video
SFM/MS - Reviews by Screaming Stoner
SFM/MS - Reviews by Steve Hutchison

Unspeakable Magazine
SFM - Review by SpellCaster
SFM/MS - Reviews by Sleazegrinder
SFM - Review by Emily Blunt
SFM/MS - Reviews by Jeremy Ritter
SFM/MS - Reviews by Lord Seth
SFM/MS - Reviews by Carl T. Ford
SFM/MS - Reviews by Christian Moger
SFM/MS - Reviews by Lee Bailes
SFM/MS - Reviews by Larry Stanley
MS - Review by Nolan B.Canova
MS - Review by Jeremy Othmer


Kendall Interview
Christopher Alan Broadstone

Please enjoy "The Raven"

Read by Christopher Alan Broadstone

Christopher Alan Broadstone


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